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Team Feature: Dylan Dunaway


Dylan Dunaway

Owner & Designer

Dylan is a self-taught, award-winning graphic designer with a passion for minimal and effective branding. He started his career doing freelance work in college and officially stepped into a full-time position at a print shop for a few months. Not long after, he moved to a marketing firm where he had the privilege to work alongside a few extremely talented individuals. During this time, he worked with clients such as Toyota, Gulf Oil, and the Special Olympics, and racked up three ADDY awards.

In December of 2018, Dylan graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor’s in Professional Communication with a focus in Multicultural Marketing and Public Relations. Through his education, he learned the importance of culture and the nuances to help distinguish the best method to reach an assortment of target audiences.

One of the aspects of brand design that sparks his interest the most are the rules - there are very few of them. “Brand design is an area of graphic design where you are expected to create something new. You are expected to break the rules. Other design areas can be limiting, but I enjoy pushing the boundaries and creating new and rule-breaking brand designs.”


Visual Communication
Identity Design
Packaging Design
Brand Strategy
Print Design
Web Design
Multicultural Marketing
Public Relations


House: Targaryen (Reluctantly)
Netflix: Baking, Action, or Sci-Fi
Platform: Instagram
Superpower: Color Matching
Oxford Comma: Always!

Team FeatureDylan Dunaway